Do your goals include optimizing your health or achieving a healthy lifestyle? A
Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) can help you reach and maintain a healthy weight,
prevent and manage diet and life-style related diseases, develop a healthier relationship
with food, and achieve a healthier lifestyle through behavior change!

Initial Nutrition Consultation
A 60 minute, 1:1 consultation with a registered dietitian nutritionist. Appointment
includes discussion of:
 Nutrition and health goals
 Medical and diet history
 Review of medications and lab values (if available)
 Review of height and weight measurements
 Evaluation of current intake through 24 hour diet recall
 Estimated calorie and macronutrient goals (if applicable)
Recommendations for nutrition modifications will be reviewed to help you achieve your
nutrition goals and desired health outcomes.

Follow-Up Nutrition Appointments
Follow Up appointments are highly recommended to dive further into your nutrition path
and goal setting based on your initial consultation. These appointments are scheduled
for 30 minutes and assist with progression/maintenance of change and desired health
outcomes. A patient-centered approach to nutrition education, meal planning, behavior
change, and nutrition challenges/successes will be discussed.